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GPS-it Limited provides customised land mapping solutions both across New Zealand and internationally specialising in the horticultural and agricultural industries.

Farm Maps-Size Matters:

Only accurate GPS mapping systems produce accurate farm maps

GPS-it is all about mapping and mapping is all about accuracy. Farm Maps break the barriers to productivity, are a valuable planning tool and help in the day-to-day running of your farm. A map doesn’t just show how much land you’ve got. It can show where there is extra productive land, how much stock you should have to how much fertiliser to spread.

If your farm map is wrong, then everything from your feed budget to your stocking rates will be wrong. Which usually ends up costing you in the pocket and you may not even know it.

Why Land
Maps from GPS-it?

As leaders in the NZ GPS mapping industry, we've integrated the latest advancements in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) technology to enhance our data collection. This UAV and GPS technology able us to offer a range of customised precision mapping options.

Mapping with GPS enables a higher level of accuracy than traditional mapping methods. Due to the survey technique employed by GPS-iT Limited we are able to achieve accuracy levels typically between 10cm - 30cm.

This accuracy in data collection combined with GPS-iT’s clear and easy to read map format provides a precise and powerful management tool for any horticultural or agricultural operation.

Orchard Maps

GPS-it is Zespri's service provider for GPS mapping of kiwifruit orchards. We continue to work with Zespri conducting GPS audits of kiwifruit-licensed areas. Now with the concern about the risk of PSA spread, we have developed comprehensive hygiene protocols, to ensure all vehicles, equipment and personnel are cleaned and disinfected prior to arrival and on departure.

Our service is not limited to kiwifruit orchards, we are familiar with all orchard operations and provide orchard maps to whatever specs you require.

GPS Land Mapping -
GPS NZ and Internationally

Land maps are an integral part of the agricultural and horticultural industry worldwide today. Farm maps and orchard maps are an invaluable management tool providing an accurate and detailed visual aid. GPS land mapping produces a land map that is like an aerial photo of your property, capturing all land features with GPS points, as well as precise land size and area.

Maps can be customised
or layered to suit your specifications.

Objects and features are coded and incorporated into your map.

Use themed maps to separate crop varieties, spray requirements, stocking rates, crop yields, etc.

Examples of customised maps are:

  • boundaries
  • paddock sizes
  • canopy or plant blocks
  • irrigation
  • drainage
  • waterways
  • buildings
  • hazards

So much
more detail

More detail can be shown than the traditional aerial photograph of your property. It's a complete snapshot with every specified feature you require. With our precise surveying producing accurate maps, you can confidently track production and profit from your land.

Our comprehensive GPS mapping service operates throughout New Zealand and worldwide.


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