Benefits of Agricultural Maps

How our Farm Mapping Service Operates

At GPS-it we survey your land, recording GPS points to produce exact farm maps, customised to your specifications. Using the latest farm mapping software, our agricultural maps show multiple land and farm features, and can be layered to show single features. We also produce printed or electronic versions compatible with FarmKeeper.

Benefits of Agricultural Maps:

  • Provision of accurate paddock sizes and fenceline locations for existing and development properties enabling more precise calculations for fertisliser/spray applications, feed resources, production budgets. 
  • Communication tool for Managers, Contractors and Sub-Contractors
  • Industry OSH Compliance, Hazard Identification
  • True to Life - all agricultural maps are generated in the same easy to read format
  • Customised to suit requirements - additional information such as contour or height data, water lines, troughs
  • Property Sales - pre-purchase mapping for Real Estate agents and potential farm buyers/sellers: accurate area = accurate price
  • Reference tool for farm consultants
  • Redevelopment projects
  • Business ventures-farm conversions, lease and sharemilker agreements
  • Identify unproductive areas for conversion to forestry blocks or native plantings

Farm Maps-Additional Solutions:

  • Electronic Map formats
  • Farm Mapping Software: 

FarmKeeper -  a simple, useful farm management software program designed to make farm mapping and record keeping easy and save you time.

Import your GPS-it Farm Map and reap the rewards!

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