Feed Budget

Feed Budgeting Needs Accurate Farm Mapping

In order to feed your livestock by pasture or fodder crops you need to exactly know the land areas you are working with, especially in N.Z. where we really heavily on nature to grow outdoor pasture and fodder crops.

It can be very frustrating trying to calculate how much pasture or fodder crops you have available when you are guessing the farm areas and paddock sizes. This inaccuracy in measuring paddock sizes can be very costly if you get it wrong.

Accurate GPS land mapping can help farmers immensely to improve productivity and farm management.

Why feed budget for pasture fed livestock?

  • To ensure livestock are fed in a planned and accurate manner
  • Minimise the wastage of pasture and fodder crops
  • That supplement can be assessed well ahead of time and therefore bought at best prices
  • Foresee and reduce the impact of poor growth periods
  • Look forward to assess feed surpluses and deficits and do something about them.

How feed budgeting works...

  • Calculate daily feed requirements
  • No. of days feed in an area
  • Size of the areas to fed
  • Calculate the quantity and feed value of pasture or crop by sampling
  • How much supplement to add to pasture or crops to fully feed your stock.

The first job is to measure your pasture and feed quantities out in the field. The next step is to calculate the total feed available in the areas involved. But if you haven’t got an exact measurement of the land area, the feed budgeting can be almost worthless.

In fact you could overestimate the amount of feed you have because you believe a paddock is bigger than you think. This leads to the very stressful and costly mistake of running out of feed. It’s not good on you, not good on your stock and not good on your profits!

That’s where GPS-iT can help by very accurately measuring your farm areas using the latest GPS (Global Positioning System) farm mapping technologies. GPS-iT are New Zealand’s leading GPS farm mapping company. The accuracy you will gain of your paddock sizes will amaze you and have many other benefits beyond accurate feed budgeting. The best farmers are doing it and making their farms more productive, more profitable and are less stressed by inconsistent feeding of their stock.

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