Four steps for Map accuracy.

The journey to accuracy comes in 4 easy steps. Data capture out in the field, followed by digital creation and map generation back at HQ. At the same time we work on improving our technology and pushing it to its limits. Because the more accurate the data you work with is, the better the return and result is for you.

1. Data Capture

Farms and Orchards are measured and the data is collected by the GPS-iT team out and about in the field. Information gathered from over 3000 properties and over 35,00 hectares in New Zealand.

2. Data Correction

Back at HQ we tidy up the data and make it more user friendly. This part of the process helps to squeeze the accuracy of the map to make it as effective for useability as possible.

3. Map Generation

The map is rendered, the various pieces of information are made in our easy to follow format. The map is sent out to our customer and retained on file for continued data maintenance.

4. Research And Development

We work hard to provide new code and better solutions. We have mapped over 85% of NZ’s kiwifruit industry and with this experience comes the hunger to develop better means for farms and orchards to operate.

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