Mapping With GPS

Better maps, higher accuracy

A better map means higher accuracy. A map doesn’t just show how much land you’ve got. It can show where your crop varieties are situated, or how much productive land is actually possible on your orchard. If you’re map is wrong, your on orchard activities will be wrong, from spraying to pruning. Which usually ends up costing you in the pocket and you may not even know it.

Mapping Your Land

Why is it important to map your land accurately? Because a good map is the foundation for your entire operation. It impacts a range of decisions made in the orchard every day. From applying for a new crop variety, to maintaining it effectively, the accuracy of your map could make, or lose you, money.

GPS Auditing

GPS auditing is all about accuracy. We cross check existing maps with new ones. This is important to make sure everything matches up, including licenses. It also helps in the day to day running of your orchard. It enables accurate data to ensure you’re charged the right amount by the people and businesses who work your land. All with complete confidence and no guesswork.

Specialty Services

We also have a range of specialty services, which include:

G.I.S Systems we’ve developed for clients to make their own updates to their maps where they see fit.

PSA An automated mapping system we built to help monitor and infected orchards in the horticulture industry.

RTK A high accuracy mapping service that is accurate to within 1-2cm.

Orchard Design We can design your orchard to maximize its full potential – from block sizing redesign to full orchard conversions.

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