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Coffee gets us going in the mornings, but the real reason we get out of bed is a little bigger. It’s because we believe in the future of both the NZ horticulture and agriculture industries. We’re keen to be part of where they’re headed and to be leaders in the NZ GPS mapping industry. We see developments in products, plants and livestock continually, but what we hear time and again is that across the board, accuracy is key. And as mapping experts that’s where we come in.

Outdoors People

We love getting out on to the farms and the orchards. We’re outdoors people and we will always be. You get to see a lot of the country doing what we do. Especially when you supply the maps for 85% of the entire industry. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far and we’re keen to be part of where the industries are headed.

People People

You get to meet a lot of new people in our line and it’s great to be on the ground talking through what is going on in the industry. We work to give you what you need today but we also keep an eye on what you might need in the future.

Monitoring latest industry developments and offshore visits are a must for us to stay on top of innovation.

Progressive People

If it’s all about accurate information, then our aim is to take the human error out of it all. Technology and the development of it will play a huge part. To give accurate information, we like to challenge the people we work with. We do this by pushing our technology harder and discovering new ways for you to make the most of your information.

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