Precision Agriculture

Incorporate Precision Agriculture To Your Farm Management

Precision Agriculture is a newer concept in farm management and needs some definition to understand how you can apply precision farming to your operation.

This concept in farm management uses new precise technologies such as image and satellite positioning technology, to provide soil, crop and nutrient level information from specific sites on your property to enable exact adjustments and calculations of farm inputs. By optimising your farm inputs and targeting applications to specific areas at the best possible times, you can utilise precision agriculture to substantially improve your farm outputs.

With Precision Agriculture, you must first decide on what you want to accomplish and what technology will help you get there.

You can consider how precision farming can encompass and target your key goals, and what other benefits you can gain. Do you want to save time, reduce costs, reduce wastage, improve productivity, and be more environmentally sustainable?

Initially you need accurate mapping of your property to show boundaries, internal field boundaries, waterways, contouring and any other natural features.

More detailed data can then be collected showing site-specific information for individual field maps.

Continued monitoring during the growing season can help identify issues as they arise, water management, areas of pest and fungal susceptibility, and general crop conditions.

This further analysis and sampling of a site can be shown in grid maps, and can assist in precise targeting of varying levels of inputs according to crop needs.

Soil types, fertiliser levels, seed application, crop yields can all be shown on layered customised maps and used for precise analysis of inputs and production levels.  

GPS-it can monitor and provide exact data in various map formats for your entire farming operation, enabling you to optimise your production. We provide an ongoing partnership with farmers serious about farm management and maximising their lands potential, so talk to us about how we can help your farming enterprise.

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