GPS-iT Ltd take PSA seriously and are following strict industry hygiene practices including the use of antibacterial sprays/gels/wipes used on equipment, vehicle wheels and staff.  If you have any additional on-orchard hygiene requirements, please let us know.

Hygiene Control

Surveying orchards is considered a low risk practice, however, GPSit follows standard industry best practice guidelines.  These include:

Recovery Regions

Cleaning hands with antibacterial hand gels before and after entering each orchard.

Wiping down all GPS handheld equipment with antibacterial wipes before and after entering orchard.

Vehicle usage on orchard is kept to the minimum possible, preferably parked in loading area. Surveying is conducted on foot. Vehicle access may be required for certain orchards.

If vehicles are taken on orchard, ensuring a thorough check is undertaken and ensure there is no obvious plant material or soil on vehicle. 

At the end of each day’s surveying, vehicles, boots and GPS equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Exclusion and Containment Regions

In addition to the above practices:

Stand down of auditors and GPS mapping gear for two days prior to entering a KVH designated Containment or Exclusion region.

Wash vehicle thoroughly before entering region.

All vehicles and equipment to be sanitised between orchards.

If requested, full protective overalls can be worn onto the orchard. Any further requirements should be communicated to GPSit prior to the visit.

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