Mapping  With UAV and GPS Technology

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's), or Drones, in combination with GPS technology, are revolutionising small scale land mapping and crop surveying, supporting farmers and orchardists management.

Here at GPS-it we offer a range of customised precision mapping options, including the latest in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology.

There is real value in an aerial view and geo referencing data of a farm or orchard. Aerial imagery of orchards and crop fields can show varying growth patterns that aren't easily visible from the ground. Field conditions can be assessed resulting in better crop and soil management decisions. Wastage of inputs, ie water, fertiliser and pest applications can be minimised. Cost effective, targeted and timely applications of farm and orchard inputs supports progressive precision agriculture, and benefits both the land owner and environment.

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About UAV's

Typically a UAV or Drone has a limited flight time, as well as battery and visual (line of sight) limitations. Therefore it's advisable to work with professional operators skilled in radio control and mapping.

Multiroter UAV's are able to take off and land anywhere so proving useful, avoiding the problem of finding landing areas needed by fixed wing UAV's. However generally a fixed wing UAV has a larger range so is able to cover larger areas and therefore suitable for larger properties.

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