GPs-it is Zespri's service provider for GPS mapping of kiwifruit orchards. We continue to work with Zespri conducting GPS audits of kiwifruit-licensed areas. Now with the concern about the risk of Psa spread, we have developed comprehensive hygiene protocols, to ensure all vehicles, equipment and personnel are cleaned and disinfected prior to arrival and on departure.

Our service is not limited to kiwifruit orchards, we are familiar with all orchard operations and provide orchard maps to whatever specs you require.

Your GPS-iT Orchard Map can assist you in the following areas:

  • Production - an accurate and independent calculation of canopy areas = True OGR
  • Taste Zespri™ - invaluable for accurately calculating Maturity Areas
  • Development Properties - setout, plantable areas, contour/height data
  • Kiwigreen Monitoring
  • Zespri Gold™ Licensing - current Zespri appointed GPS Mapping service provider
  • Industry Standard compliance including OHSC, Eurepgap, and Zespri Crop Protection Standards
  • Communication Tool for Managers, Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Property Sales - pre-purchase mapping for Real Estate agents and potential orchard buyers/sellers: accurate area = accurate price
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