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Welcome to GPS-it

At GPS-it we have a true vision for the industries we work in. We are committed to providing farm management solutions and are always pushing the limits of what’s possible.

Coming from agricultural backgrounds ourselves, we know what’s required to manage land efficiently, our solutions work with farmers to improve profitability, productivity, and sustainability.

We’ve helped thousands of people throughout New Zealand manage their land more effectively with our customised maps and GIS solutions.

Mapping the land you love since 1998.

Our services

New Zealand’s farm mapping specialists

GPS-it has been providing farm mapping throughout New Zealand since 1998. Our mapping team are all farmers, or come from farming backgrounds, that’s why we know a farm map is the foundation of your entire operation.

A GPS-it farm map value across the whole business, from planning to recording, decision support, compliance, health and safety, bench-marking and more.

A GPS-it farm map will help you:
  • understand effective area for planning and budgeting
  • assist with day-to-day farm management
  • help staff and contractors understand farm layout and carryout tasks
  • work out your costs vs income per hectare
  • record and track fertiliser applications
  • allocate stock rates and plan and record movement
  • estimating fencing costs and plan paddock rotation
  • feed budgeting
  • give an accurate record for selling or purchasing land

Pioneers and experts of the kiwifruit mapping industry

GPS-it developed the cultivar licensing audit programme for Zespri in 1999 and have continued to carried out the audit programme ever since. We use the latest aerial imagery technology to ensure that your data is captured with the highest degree of accuracy possible.

Our in-depth knowledge of kiwifruit, orchard design and set out and horticulture means we can customise your data and generate precise plans that will help you make important decisions with confidence. We provide kiwifruit mapping services for:

  • New orchard design, set out and implements for orchard conversions
  • Confirmation and update of canopy area for sale or purchase and structure changes
  • Estimation of canopy area for tenders and grafting of licensed varieties
  • Splitting or merging of structures and adjustment or reallocation of canopy area
  • Measurement of area for orchards currently undergoing development

Customised GIS solutions using the ESRI platform

GPS-it have extensive experience in developing innovative GIS solutions across a variety of industries. Our software and apps are effective, easy to use and exceed our client’s expectations.

We’re also the ESRI Global Agri-business partner and among the top AppStudio developers worldwide. We love new technology and are always looking at ways to use it for our clients and in our own business.

Survey, design services and customised mapping solutions

For large and small-scale developments and projects. If you’d like more information about our services just drop us a line.

Client testimonials

The team at GPSit provide a professional, efficient and technical service for us that is invaluable for Zespri for the protection of the Plant Variety Rights that New Zealand kiwifruit growers have heavily invested in.
They have been our independent mapping providers for 20 years and continually proactively adopt new technology and processes to improve the auditing process of licensed varieties to help safeguard Zespri and the kiwifruit growers IP.

Dave Courtney

Chief Grower and Alliance Officer Zespri

We love having innovative partners that we can work with and who make a difference to our business. All the best for this week. The App is awesome.

Peter Nation

CEO of Fieldays

Our clients