Orchard mapping

Every decision you make on an orchard can be linked back to the size of the land. GPS-it has been providing professional mapping services to the horticulture industry throughout New Zealand for over 20 years, including kiwifruit, avocado, citrus and berry orchards.

Why use GPS-it for orchard mapping?

We developed the cultivar licensing audit programme for Zespri in 1999 and have carried out the audit programme ever since. Using high-grade survey equipment and the latest drone (UAV) and aerial imaging technology, we ensure orchard data is captured with the highest degree of accuracy possible.

Our in-depth knowledge of the kiwifruit industry allows us to customise your data and generate precise maps that will help you make important orchard decisions with confidence.

Kiwifruit mapping services

Confirmation and updating of canopy area for:

  • orchards which are in the process of being sold or purchased
  • orchards that have had structural changes since the latest orchard map or audit was done

Estimation of canopy area for:

  • orchards wanting to tender for licensed variety
  • orchards wanting to graft licensed variety
  • orchards that are splitting or merging structures and need to measure the effect on canopy area
  • orchards that need to remove canopy area, for a title dispute and/or for reallocation of canopy area

Measurement of development area for:

  •  orchards currently undergoing development
  •  estimating projected canopy for supporting structures e.g. overhang added to the development areas in the future.

Orchard mapping services

We provide orchard mapping services for all types of horticulture including avocados, apples, citrus and berry orchards. As different things are important to different landowners so we customise our maps to fit your needs.

Some of the orchard map features we capture are:

  • block size, block name, structure type and variety
  • total mapped area with variety totals
  • number of rows
  • buildings and structures, including chemical sheds and shelter belts
  • roads and orchard entry points
  • site hazards for on-orchard health and safety plans
  • any additional points of interest, including office and loading area
  • plant counts, plant age and male/female if applicable
  • underground water pipes and irrigation systems
  • slope analysis
  • contours
  • soil drainage, type
  • and prevailing wind

Avocado Map (Basic)

Avocado Map (Tree Count and Hazards)