Fonterra mapping image

Fonterra mapping image

Fonterra – Waterways mapping application

Fonterra is a multinational dairy co-operative owned by around 10,500 New Zealand farmers. The company is responsible for approximately 30% of the world’s dairy exports and is New Zealand’s largest company. GPS-it developed an auditing system to help Fonterra farmers achieve compliance with the aim of 100% stock exclusion from waterways.

The issue

Fonterra wanted to develop an auditing system to help their farmers in response to The Dairying and Clean Streams Accord of 2003. The application needed to be easy to use, available both online and offline, accurate and have the flexibility to grow.

Our solution

We developed a system based on the ArcGIS platform – using the ArcGIS Server residing in the Amazon Web Services in Sydney and AppStudio for ArcGIS as the base for the mobile application and extensively customised the out of the box solution by:

  • creating custom workflows
  • simple and complex GIS drawing tools
  • client-side data checking
  • audit trails for all edits
  • minimal typing and touch screen operation

In 2017 GPS-it was awarded the contract as Ballance’s sole national provider for farm mapping. Using special aerial photography equipment, we can quickly capture large scale imagery without sacrificing the quality or clarity of the images. We then process the images and add the farm features.

The outcome

Having the ability to put a map in front of a farmer and review and classify their waterways and crossings, on farm in real time, has been hugely valuable in educating farmers and assisting them and Fonterra to move towards the goal of 100% stock exclusion.

The system now has information on over 11,600 farms, 46,000 crossing points and over 37,000 km of waterways that have been recorded as excluding stock.